Discover Hood Canal

Most boaters in the Puget Sound area head north to the San Juan Islands when they want to get away for a one- or two-week vacation on the water. Many others spend their time in the Central and South Sounds. A few choose to go to Hood Canal. Cathleen and I live in Port Ludlow... Continue Reading →

2021 Cruising

It has been an unusual cruising season, the first since we moved to Port Ludlow. Moving brings on all sorts of activities that take precedence over getting out on the water for any length of time. Getting the house to where we want it involved some flooring upgrades, repurposing the home office to a third... Continue Reading →

Exploring Hood Canal

Hood Canal is a body of water that forms part of Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. It is about 50 miles long and a couple of miles wide in places. It separates the Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic Peninsula. During the very short shrimping season, Hood Canal is swarming with small fishing boats. The... Continue Reading →

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