Replacing the Battery Charger

Fiddler needs a lot of batteries, especially since spending time away from marinas in beautiful anchorages without running the generator is something we like to do. Here is a list of the batteries on board and what they are used for: 2 size 8D for starting the main engines and operating DC loads at anchor... Continue Reading →

Replacing the Water Heater

Included in "all the comforts of home" boating is hot water. So it is unfortunate that our water heater sprung a leak. But it is fortunate that it occurred toward the end of the fair weather boating season. The water was slowly leaking from the bottom of the heater which, according to internet researching, is... Continue Reading →

Replacing the Wash Down Pump

This is very exciting! We use the powerful wash down pump to spray the mud and debris off the anchor and chain when it is retrieved. If we didn't do that, the mud and debris would get all over the bow and collect in the chain locker that is located at the head of our... Continue Reading →

Dinghy Replacement

Update August 2018: The registration numbers are on. Cathleen stenciled them with permanent paint rather than using the stick-on numbers that inevitably rip and fall off. It looks great! While she was at it, she stenciled Fiddler on the life ring. Love it!   I sold the dinghy that came with the boat. It was an... Continue Reading →

Haul Out

Every couple of years Fiddler needs to come out of the water. Usually it gets hauled out for a visual inspection of the hull, to apply a coat or two of anti-fouling paint, and to clean up the propellers, drive shafts, thru-hulls, and struts. In addition, this time Fiddler's seals on the shafts and rudder... Continue Reading →

Fried Cable

Wires are sized based on the amps that will flow through them, and the length of the wire run. If the load is heavier than the wire can handle, it will get very hot and potentially cause a fire. Fuses and circuit breakers are used to protect the wiring. So when an appropriately sized wire... Continue Reading →

Tracking Maintenance

Maintaining Fiddler takes a lot of time and requires an understanding of multiple systems. Unlike a car where the maintenance is related primarily to the engine and drive train (changing the oil and other fluids, spark plugs, brakes, and rotating the tires), Fiddler has two diesel engines, two drive trains, two propellers, two rudders, hydraulic... Continue Reading →

Replacing the Cooling Pump

With the rainy and windy weather, I have plenty of time to work on projects. This week I replaced the cooling pump and raw water hoses attached to it. The cooling pump draws sea water and pumps it through the three reverse cycle AC/heat units, then over the side. It was showing signs of corrosion... Continue Reading →


Caprail I've been waiting for a stretch of three days of dry weather and it finally came last week. The caprail has taken a beating this summer and it shows. It gets scuffed, the sun fades and dulls it, and I scratch it hauling in the kayaks. Fiddler's caprail is made of fiberglass. Many boats... Continue Reading →

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