10 Seasons of Cruising

From Fiddler's log book: Over the last ten years, we have taken 145 trips, from just a few hours to months away from the dock. These trips covered 10,470 nautical miles (12,041 statute miles), ranging from Olympia, WA in the South Puget Sound to Juneau, AK. They required 1,592 hours of engine run time for... Continue Reading →

Discover Hood Canal

Most boaters in the Puget Sound area head north to the San Juan Islands when they want to get away for a one- or two-week vacation on the water. Many others spend their time in the Central and South Sounds. A few choose to go to Hood Canal. Cathleen and I live in Port Ludlow... Continue Reading →

Bremerton Renaissance

If you haven’t been to Bremerton lately you will be pleasantly surprised.  The city has leveraged its long naval presence and capitalized on its convenient waterfront location to provide a destination for tourists, especially for us recreational boaters that enjoy a good port with interesting sights and fun activities.   The city of Bremerton is located approximately... Continue Reading →

The Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, WA

The United States Naval Undersea Museum is located in Keyport, Washington near the very popular boating destination of Poulsbo. In fact, when you boat to Poulsbo, you pass directly in front of the Port of Keyport Marina that provides a convenient access point to the museum. Keyport Marina is on the south shore at the... Continue Reading →

Shell Shocked in Port Gamble

Tom Rice’s great grandparents moved to Port Gamble in 1858, long before Washington became a state in 1889. They were one of the many families to move to the company town from East Machias, Maine to work for Puget Mill Company’s sawmill in Port Gamble. When it permanently closed in 1995, it was the oldest... Continue Reading →

Generator Upkeep

The generator is enclosed with a sound shield that reduces the cabin noise while it is running. The five panels attach to a frame and each panel is lined with foam insulation to absorb the noise. After eleven years the foam insulation deteriorated on the top and front panels and needed to be replaced. I... Continue Reading →

Holiday Lights

We enjoy watching the decorated boat parades over the holidays. This year we decided to join them and decorate Fiddler. Cathleen made a star out of PVC pipe and strung lights on it with them trailing off the stern like a shooting star. The port elf has a red hat while the starboard elf has... Continue Reading →

2021 Cruising

It has been an unusual cruising season, the first since we moved to Port Ludlow. Moving brings on all sorts of activities that take precedence over getting out on the water for any length of time. Getting the house to where we want it involved some flooring upgrades, repurposing the home office to a third... Continue Reading →

Clean and Waterproof Bimini

The bimini top is situated over the flybridge. Two pieces of Sunbrella canvas fit together and are zip fastened around the tubular stainless steel frame and cinched taut. It helps to protect the flybridge from the weather and bird droppings. It also provides a shady spot from the afternoon sun or to enjoy an evening... Continue Reading →

New Marine Refrigerator

Marine refrigerators are built to operate efficiently. They cool slowly and don't have an energy hogging frost-free feature. Typically the cooling coils are in the top freezer and the cool air from the freezer keeps the refrigerator compartment cool. Like at home, refrigerators operate 24/7 for at least the boating season and sometimes year round... Continue Reading →

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