2021 Cruising

It has been an unusual cruising season, the first since we moved to Port Ludlow. Moving brings on all sorts of activities that take precedence over getting out on the water for any length of time. Getting the house to where we want it involved some flooring upgrades, repurposing the home office to a third... Continue Reading →

Marine Park Hosting

Washington State Parks and Recreation manages the largest mooring system in the nation with 40 marine parks located from Olympia to the San Juan Islands. The parks typically provide mooring buoys, a dock for shore access, and tent/RV camping. We are regular visitors. Marine park hosting is one of several types of hosts in the... Continue Reading →

Best Friends

Cathleen and Jenn have been lifelong friends. They grew up together in Utah and see each other several times a year when Cathleen visits Utah and when Jenn visits Washington. Jenn and two of her children, Sid and Bella, recently spent 10 fun-filled days with us on their summer vacation. Their arrival started off on... Continue Reading →

Final Summer Outing

The last weekend in September is the beginning of fall, but the weather is summer-like for a couple of more days with expected highs near 80 degrees. So rather than stay at home and do chores, we opted to go out on the boat for a couple of nights and enjoy the last of the... Continue Reading →

Blake Island State Park 2013

Blake Island State Park is located 8 miles southwest of the marina, about an hour boat trip.  Like most state marine parks, it has a dock and mooring buoys.  We tied to a buoy the first time visiting.  The buoys on the west side of the island are much calmer since they are out of the... Continue Reading →

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