Meander: a winding path or course There are still a few places in Puget Sound that we haven't visited and one of our boating goals this summer is to see some of them. With the Canadian border closed, there are hoards of boaters in the popular places. Plus, there are a lot of people that... Continue Reading →

South Sound Solo

When Labor Day is over and done, so is recreational boating for most people around here. Yet some of the nicest weather is in September and October, and so is some of the best boating. The crowds are gone and that means you have no trouble finding space at a marina, an empty mooring buoy... Continue Reading →


I had a rare opportunity to take both of my sons for a boating weekend. The first night was at anchor in Liberty Bay, a nearby favorite spot off the town of Poulsbo. Evan and Alec enjoyed a lot of kayaking and seal watching. There were seals everywhere, it was amazing! Later we grilled chicken... Continue Reading →

Langley, Whales, and Gig Harbor

This post covers two short trips in late March, one to Langley with Cathleen to search for gray whales and the other to Gig Harbor with Dale's son Evan. The Langley Marina is officially known as the Port of South Whidbey at Langley, on the inside of Whidbey Island a few miles north of the... Continue Reading →

Gig Harbor 2.0

Cathleen's brother Alan, wife Susan, and kids Calvin and Jay, recently spent a week with us. They enjoyed going to the Museum of Flight, MoPop, the Boeing factory tour, the Seattle Underground tour, and the Living Computer Museum. We also took Fiddler on an overnight trip to Gig Harbor. Jay bravely learned to kayak. The... Continue Reading →

Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor is both a bay on Puget Sound and a town on its shore.  It is located 21 miles south of Seattle and is a popular place for recreational boaters to visit. Not only is it a quick 3 hour boat trip, but there are several good marinas, restaurants, and parks within walking distance... Continue Reading →

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