The Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, WA

The United States Naval Undersea Museum is located in Keyport, Washington near the very popular boating destination of Poulsbo. In fact, when you boat to Poulsbo, you pass directly in front of the Port of Keyport Marina that provides a convenient access point to the museum. Keyport Marina is on the south shore at the... Continue Reading →


From about November through March, the pleasure boating opportunities substantially decline. Those five months usually see steady sequential storms rolling in from the Pacific. The calm between the storms is often short. These are the windows in which to cruise comfortably, but you have to be ready to go (and return) during that window. Of... Continue Reading →


I had a rare opportunity to take both of my sons for a boating weekend. The first night was at anchor in Liberty Bay, a nearby favorite spot off the town of Poulsbo. Evan and Alec enjoyed a lot of kayaking and seal watching. There were seals everywhere, it was amazing! Later we grilled chicken... Continue Reading →

Fueling up and running out

Elliott Bay Marina is convenient for getting fuel. Simply take the boat to the next dock over and fill it up. The cost for this convenience is paying about a 30% premium over the prices of less convenient fuel docks in the area. For example, the Port of Poulsbo is 16 miles away and sells... Continue Reading →

PNW DeFever Rendezvous

Fiddler is a DeFever 46 Raised Pilothouse. It was designed by Arthur DeFever who is often credited with introducing the concept of trawler-type yachts for pleasure cruising. Design features duplicated from his early commercial tuna clippers include a high bow, raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge, long keels, weight and stability. He died in 2013 at the... Continue Reading →

Spring Cruise to Poulsbo

It's starting to feel like boating season again. The temperatures are increasing, the days are getting much longer, and the rain and wind are less onerous. We had especially nice weather for the four day trip with our yacht club to Poulsbo. The Poulsbo marina's largest slips are 40' and Fiddler is nearly 52' overall.... Continue Reading →


Our nephew Trace and his girlfriend Megan visited us from Utah and wanted to go on a short boat trip. One of our favorite locations for a short trip in the Puget Sound area is Poulsbo, a town of Norwegian heritage. They have a couple of nice marinas and a huge bay, Liberty Bay, in... Continue Reading →

Bacon Cruise

While we usually prefer to boat on our own at anchor, we will occasionally participate in organized cruises with our yacht club. The cruises are usually to a nearby destination marina where the guest docks are reserved for the approximately 30 participants. The theme for this event was the "Bacon Cruise". It sold out very... Continue Reading →

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