10 Seasons of Cruising

From Fiddler’s log book:

Over the last ten years, we have taken 145 trips, from just a few hours to months away from the dock. These trips covered 10,470 nautical miles (12,041 statute miles), ranging from Olympia, WA in the South Puget Sound to Juneau, AK. They required 1,592 hours of engine run time for an average distance per hour of 6.58 nautical miles (7.56 statute miles). The two John Deere diesel engines are fairly efficient for a large boat and burn a combined average of 3 gallons per hour, or 2.2 nautical miles per gallon. So over the last ten years we have gone through 4,776 gallons of diesel fuel.

2 thoughts on “10 Seasons of Cruising

  1. Thanks, we really like our DeFever. We are the second owners, but I’m sure the SS engine mounts are standard.


  2. Lovely boat and matches our 2008 46 DeFever! Just curious and unrelated to the post but I noticed your boat and another similar boat have stainless engine mount saddles. Ours just has painted steel and curious if you did that for a reason or just came that way?


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