Bacon Cruise

While we usually prefer to boat on our own at anchor, we will occasionally participate in organized cruises with our yacht club. The cruises are usually to a nearby destination marina where the guest docks are reserved for the approximately 30 participants. The theme for this event was the “Bacon Cruise”. It sold out very quickly!


We left our home marina Friday in order to arrive in Poulsbo by the 3pm kickoff.  The weather was good for the 2 to 2 1/2 hour cruise across the busy shipping lanes and around the north end of Bainbridge Island and under the Agate Pass bridge.

We usually go to Poulsbo a few times every year. The marina is located in the center of the town where there are many shops and restaurants to keep us busy. But our first activity after we docked and were greeted by fellow cruisers was to prepare a bacon themed appetizer for the happy hour on the dock. We made bacon sliders with brie and cranberries, that were gone in a hurry. There were bacon wrapped dates, hot dogs, and even snickers bars. Bacon spreads and dips. Plain bacon and maple syrup bacon. Everything was delicious if you like bacon of course.  Cathleen thoughtfully prepared a non-bacon appetizer for herself and others that may not like bacon or are not meat eaters.  We were both too full for dinner, but not too full for ice cream in town.

Saturday activities included a group breakfast on the dock, with bacon of course, then an organized poker run to get us out and about town. We were given eight riddles each describing a local shop that we solved and then visited to retrieve a playing card. We would make our best poker hand out those cards for a competition later in the day at the happy hour. We had two pairs, not good enough to win the best hand.  But we also had a “bacon” wild card and won a gift bag with some local goodies. Happy hour also featured bacon flavored whiskey, not the best combination in my opinion.  That seemed to be the consensus too.


Riddles for the poker run.

We took a tour of one of the participant’s boats, a converted fishing boat, that was refitted with a commercial espresso machine, waffle maker, and an ice cream freezer.  He even repurposed the fish hold to a hot tub.  It is very well done, and the ice cream was tasty.  Later we had a group dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  We were worn out by the end of the day.

One interesting marine related event occurring this weekend was a “minus” tide. We have two high and two low tides per day. The low tides are measured on the charts and in the tide tables by the average low tide.  Occasionally, usually during a full or new moon, the tides are higher and lower than average.  This weekend the tide was almost three feet lower than average, thus called a “minus” tide.  Here are pictures of the low tide and almost the high tide. The full tidal range was about 14 feet.

We all departed on Sunday morning amid very nice spring weather and calm seas-and our bacon appetites fully satisfied.

Map of our route to the bacon cruise in Poulsbo.

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