Clean and Waterproof Bimini

The bimini top is situated over the flybridge. Two pieces of Sunbrella canvas fit together and are zip fastened around the tubular stainless steel frame and cinched taut. It helps to protect the flybridge from the weather and bird droppings. It also provides a shady spot from the afternoon sun or to enjoy an evening cocktail at anchor.

The canvas is now ten years old and surprisingly still in good condition. Every year or two I remove it for a good cleaning and waterproofing. Here are some pics of how dirty it gets.

No amount of scrubbing will get it clean. The best way to clean it is by power washing, being careful around the seams. To loosen up the debris I soaked it with soapy water and went over it with a deck brush. Even with that, it takes the full force of the power washer to remove the dirt, mildew, mold, and whatever else is growing on it. The marine environment is harsh on bimini tops.

Once most of the crud was removed, I applied sail/canvas cleaner and went over it again with the power washer. Then I let it dry in the sun the rest of the day and the following morning. Once dry, I applied 303 Fabric Guard for waterproofing and reinstalled the bimini. I will easily get another season out of it. I am planning to eventually replace the bimini with a hard top. Until then, it serves its purpose pretty well.

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