Blake Island State Park 2013

Blake Island State Park is located 8 miles southwest of the marina, about an hour boat trip.  Like most state marine parks, it has a dock and mooring buoys.  We tied to a buoy the first time visiting.  The buoys on the west side of the island are much calmer since they are out of the wake of commercial traffic and ferries.


On another visit we had friends with us and tied to a west side buoy.  Suddenly a park ranger boat approached and asked what the length of our boat is.  Of course it is clearly visible on both sides.


The park ranger informed us that the maximum length is 45 feet to use the buoys, so we untied and anchored instead.  Not a big deal, but I found out that there are no buoys in the state marine park system that accommodate boats longer than 45 feet.  So in the future we either anchor nearby or tie to the dock.  An added benefit of anchoring is that it is free.  We did a little fishing and dinghied ashore to hike.  Always a fun visit and so close to home.

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