The Williams’ Visit! 2013

The Williams’ came to visit this summer. The weather was gorgeous so we spent some time crabbing and then ventured north of Seattle to Fort Flagler State Park and Port Townsend.

Crabbing was spectacular this year!  We took the boat across Elliott Bay to the north end of Bainbridge Island, dropped the anchor and the dinghy, and set out the crab traps.  Dale likes to use chicken legs for bait.  They say that you should not use bait that is a predator of crabs, such as halibut, because it won’t work.  Salmon heads/parts work well; they do not prey on crabs.  I have never seen a chicken wading in the water and eating crabs.   Scott and Jake got their limit.  Cathleen made delicious crab cakes!

After we had our fill of crabs, we cruised to Fort Flagler State Park, about a 4 hour trip north of Seattle.  Fort Flagler State Park is a historical coastal defense fort established over a century ago to guard the entrance to Puget Sound.  It is one of three similar type forts.  Conveniently, it is also a state marine park with a dock and buoys to secure the boat.  We tied to a buoy, dinghied to the dock, went for a hike around the park, and spent the night.

Tied to a mooring buoy at Fort Flagler State Marine Park.
Part of the fort that was built to protect the entrance to Puget Sound.
Jake in the fort.

Hope and Jake took the dinghy for a spin, with Jake testing the limits of the 20hp outboard.

The next day we cruised across the bay to Port Townsend and docked at Point Hudson Marina for the night.  It is conveniently located within walking distance to the many restaurants and shops.   We had a very nice walk around town and ate dinner.

Docked at Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend.

There were seven of us on board, the most people by far to share the close quarters.  But it worked out well, even with only one head (bathroom).  After three days aboard, we cruised back home and enjoyed the rest of the Williams’ vacation.  They are such fun people!

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