Water Pump Failure

I was planning to change the oil in the generator.  I pulled off the sound shield and started it up, warming up the oil, when I noticed water streaming from the raw water pump.  This pump pulls sea water into the heat exchanger to cool the coolant/engine.  I shut down the engine.  I have a couple of spare impeller kits that I thought had a seal with them, like the kits for my main engines do.  But this just had the impeller.  I called around Ketchikan and no luck with parts or a replacement pump, so I called the distributor in Seattle.  Fortunately, they had a new pump and seals available.  Even more fortunate was that Cathleen stopped by and picked them up before flying to Ketchikan yesterday.  When I went to install the new pump, it was the wrong model.  The part number on the invoice was correct.  I ordered the right pump, but someone pulled the wrong one off the shelf.  I should have brought a spare pump with me on this trip, but I just had it rebuilt last year.  I was able to install the new seals in the old pump and reinstall it.  It works fine again, but I really need a spare pump.  The distributor is closed today, Saturday, but I left a couple of messages, hoping they can mail me the correct pump to Sitka or Juneau via general delivery at the post office.  Now if they would call me back…

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