Blakely Harbor, Bainbridge Island

My favorite day trip on the boat is to go to Blakely Harbor on the east side of Bainbridge Island. The distance from the marina is only 6 miles and there is a view of the Seattle skyline. We usually anchor for a few hours and eat lunch or dinner, then cruise along the Seattle waterfront at sunset before going back to the marina.

Our course to Blakely Harbor and the Seattle waterfront.

It’s not only fun for me, but friends love it too. On Saturday before Labor Day we made this trip with Rachel, David, and Jackie. Rachel’s husband, Scott, was unfortunately sick. The weather was beautiful and near 90 degrees. I was a little worried that there may not be room in the harbor due to the holiday weekend, but needlessly so. There was plenty of room. Many of the boats there were traveling together and were rafted to each other. Had they all been separately anchored, there would have been a lot less room.

Lots of boats rafted together.

Safely anchored, we enjoyed chips and homemade salsa from Rachel and Scott, iced tea, and wine. We started on the bow, but the sun was too hot so we moved to the flybridge.

Enjoying chips and homemade salsa.
Still sunny on the flybridge.  Thanks for taking the photo Rachel!

Next we prepared dinner!  I grilled some wild king salmon on a cedar plank while Cathleen prepared the rice and salad.

Awesome cedar plank grilled wild king salmon!
Cathleen and David working on the rice.

After dinner we weighed anchor, cruised over to the Seattle waterfront, and watched the sunset before heading back to the marina.

Cruising along the waterfront.
Another gorgeous sunset.

Back at the marina we enjoyed Jackie’s homemade plum cake, yum! A fantastic day trip with great company!

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