I’ve been waiting for a stretch of three days of dry weather and it finally came last week. The caprail has taken a beating this summer and it shows. It gets scuffed, the sun fades and dulls it, and I scratch it hauling in the kayaks. Fiddler’s caprail is made of fiberglass. Many boats have a caprail made of teak that needs annual varnish. The fiberglass needs waxing but that hasn’t given it enough protection. I looked for something else and found this clear coat finish called Toon-Brite that is supposed to protect from sun, salt, and stains.


So I gave it a try, first cleaning the caprail with my friend Thomas’ help, taping, then applying three coats using a sponge applicator, per the instructions. It had to dry between coats. Finally I applied polish and wax. Here are some pics. I forgot to take the before pics so the results are more dramatic in my mind. I think it turned out pretty good though.


Sea Water Pump

The generator sea water pump failed on the way to Ketchikan this summer. I noticed it while in Ketchikan changing the oil. Here is a link for more details. I put in a new seal to stop the water leaking, but the oil seal on the engine side was weeping oil. I will need to get additional tools to change that seal. I put up with the very small leak for the duration of the Alaska trip, but it’s time to fix it now.

The original water pump on the generator.

I decided to install a new pump and keep the old one for a spare. I’ll rebuild it later when I get the proper tools. I took the old pump off. The new pump didn’t come with hose attachments so I purchased two, thinking they were both the same size. One was smaller and I didn’t have a hose attachment that size so I took off the old one and put it on the new one. It’s the one painted white on the bottom in the pic. I am not going to paint the pump white. Some people paint everything to keep salt spray off and to protect it from rusting. Instead I coated it with an anti-corrosion spray that will protect it as well as paint and won’t chip off. After reconnecting the top and bottom hoses, I started the generator to check for leaks. None, hooray!

Newly installed sea water pump on the generator.

This is a good start on the project list. More to come….

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