Blakely Harbor Park, Bainbridge Island

It was a gorgeous spring day to take a boat trip. One of our go-to spots for a day trip is Blakely Harbor on Bainbridge Island. We left our home marina just before lunch. The weather was awesome.


While we have anchored in Blakely Harbor many times, we have never gone ashore to explore the park. Blakely Harbor Park is on the site of the former Port Blakely Mill, which was one of the largest sawmills in the world back in the 1800s. It closed over 70 years ago and nature has reclaimed much of the area making it suitable for a waterfront park. The only building remaining is a shell used by high school students playing hooky. At least that is what it was being used for while we were there.


We kayaked to shore to hike the trail around the 40 acre park. It is a flat, easy trail to hike and forms a loop. At low tide you can walk across the rocks back to the beginning of the trail. Any other time you would have to backtrack to the beginning. We were able to walk across the rocks.


Getting in and out of the kayaks from the swim step can be tricky. We use the line attached to the flybridge to help raise and lower ourselves.

The shoreline of the harbor isn’t really very interesting for kayaking, but there are many lovely homes to see.EBD4EB7C-D6F5-4EB9-9C16-33E2FFF5F634

The view of the Seattle skyline is also prominent in the harbor and on display today with the nice weather. I would like to spend the night here some time to see it all lit up.IMG_2665

After all of that activity, I was ready for a break!IMG_2683

We decided to pull anchor and head over to Eagle Harbor for dinner at the Harbour House Pub. Our yacht club has an outstation in Eagle Harbor and there were no other boats using it. We docked and walked to the pub. After dinner we took a walk around town and to the newly remodeled public dock that has been expanded and improved with power and water. We will have to go back there sometime.

On the way back to our marina we were treated with a great view of the sun setting on Seattle. IMG_2686

Here is the route we took on this very fun day.fullsizeoutput_34d1


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